CBCT Palm Beach Gardens | CBCT Facts You Need to Know

by | May 20, 2022

While most people have heard about dental CBCT Palm Beach Gardens, only a few of them know how it works. CBCT stands for dental cone-beam computed tomography. It’s a piece of special x-ray equipment that’s used by a dentist when the conventional radiographs are unable to provide a clear picture of the patient’s anatomic structures. This technology can be used to come up with precise and highly-accurate 3D images of the patient’s teeth, nerve pathways, soft tissues, as well as the bone – in one scan!

CBCT Scan Takes About 12 to 28 Seconds

On average, CBCT scans take around 12 to 28 seconds to complete. When you factor in the registration process, patient positioning, etc., the total appointment time will probably be about 15 minutes.

This Imaging Procedure is Safe

Many patients are concerned about excessive exposure to radiation. However, with CBCT imaging, only a very small amount of radiation is emitted. To top it all off, you can be sure that dose reduction techniques are performed under the strict supervision of those who are highly trained to do so. Furthermore, prior to the scanning procedure itself, the walls of the dental office are shielded with lead. During the scanning procedure, lead aprons are worn.

CBCT is Different from the Regular X-rays That Dentists Take

Unlike those conventional two-dimensional x-rays that are taken in the dentist’s clinic, CBCT  is a 3-dimensional imaging modality that makes it possible for the dental practitioner to assess and evaluate the patient’s anatomic structures including the exact dimensions with a precision that’s up to 0.01mm. On the other hand, regular x-rays fail to produce a true representation of these structures because they only generate 2-dimensional images.

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