Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens | Choosing the Right Material for Dental Crowns

by | May 20, 2022

When it comes to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental crowns in Palm Beach Gardens are the most widely used among patients. A crown’s primary function is to provide structure and support for decayed, broken, misshapen or cracked teeth. However, most people get quite surprised when they discover the various materials that can be used to produce their dental crowns. If you need more information about the different options that you can choose from, read on.

What are the Different Materials for Dental Crowns?

Composite Resin

Crowns that are made of composite resin are the least expensive variety. You’ll need to have them replaced more often than the other dental crown materials because they’re not as durable and as strong as the others. Most people use composite resin crowns until they get to save enough money to have them replaced by a longer-lasting alternative.

Gold Alloy

Before other types of crown materials were developed, the most popular choice was gold alloy. Since gold is malleable, the dentist only needs to file away a small amount of your tooth to accommodate the golden crown. They’re the best options for people who struggle with bruxism because it takes decades before they need to be replaced. Furthermore, gold is known to exhibit lower reactivity. This means that they won’t cause irritation to your delicate oral tissues.


Aside from the fact that porcelain dental crowns look like your real teeth, it would also take a lot of force to cause damage to the material. What’s more, porcelain can also make it comfortable for you to enjoy hot or cold foods and drinks because it makes a great buffer for both hot and cold sensations.


Zirconia copies the qualities of ceramic materials. It features exceptional strength which makes it an ideal base for a porcelain finish. However, it’s also possible to stain these crowns so that they’ll look like real teeth.


Want to Know More About Dental Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens?

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