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by | May 20, 2022

Did you know that although you can easily spot dental issues such as cavities and decay, it’s not always the same for detecting a dead tooth in its earliest stages? That’s why if you think that you have a dead or dying tooth, schedule an appointment with the dentist in Palm Beach Gardens right away before it can cause you serious distress.

What Exactly is a Dead Tooth?

Each of your teeth consists of three layers – the enamel, dentin, and pulp where all the nerves and blood vessels can be found. Unless there’s a continuous supply of blood to the pulp or the innermost part of your tooth, it will die. Cutting off the blood supply will deprive it of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay viable. If a dead tooth is ignored, it will eventually become infected, abscessed, and fall out. Thankfully, a qualified dental professional can help you take the necessary steps to save your tooth. Before the dentist in Palm Beach Gardens creates a treatment plan for you, x-rays will be ordered to see at the extent of the damage inside the tooth in question.

Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Dead Tooth

During a root canal therapy, the dentist in Palm Beach Gardens performs a deep cleaning of the inside of your affected tooth in order to get rid of abscess or infected tissue, remove your tooth’s pulp, and to clean your root canals. In case you’re wondering, a dead tooth that’s not broken can still be saved. Since the structure of a dead tooth is weak and brittle, it can easily chip or break. To add strength as well as support to the tooth, your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens will have to use a dental crown or a dental cap to completely encircle it.

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