How Can I Brighten My Teeth Instantly?

by | May 20, 2022

One of the most requested dental cosmetic procedures in America is Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or a special event or need a confidence boost, teeth whitening can do all that for you instantly. 

Several factors that contribute to teeth yellowing include acidic drinks, smoking, aging, and certain antibiotics. Thankfully, professional teeth whitening treatment effectively removes dark and deep teeth stains in just a couple of minutes. Let’s find out more. 

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How Do You Whiten Your Teeth Instantly?

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

Professional Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens is the safest option you have if you wish to brighten your smile. A whitening gel that contains 25% to 40% of hydrogen peroxide will be applied on your teeth, followed by the application of a heating lamp

The gel will stay on your teeth for 20 minutes for three intervals. Some cosmetic dentists prefer to use a laser to speed up the process. The results can be seen right after the treatment. 

Whitening Trays

Teeth Whitening trays are also useful in brightening your smile. However, make sure you get these take-home whitening kits from your dentist. These kits contain higher amounts of bleach to give you dramatic results

Before these trays are dispensed, your cosmetic dentist will take customized molds of your teeth to ensure that the plastic bins cover them completely. It’s essential to achieve a perfect fit so that the bleach will not leak out and injure your gums. 

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Are You Thinking About Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens?

Are you interested in having your teeth professionally whitened? If yes, you can count on us. At Gardens Family Dentistry, we provide a wide array of dental services to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed about. 

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