What are the Signs I Need Emergency Dental Care?

by | May 20, 2022

How do you know if you need to call an Emergency Dentist Palm Beach Gardens? Most people are unsure whether or not to call their dentist especially when it’s outside office hours or when they know that their dentist is out on a holiday vacation. One of the reasons why they don’t make that call is because they don’t know if what they are experiencing requires urgent dental care. Besides being unsure, they also don’t want to cause any inconvenience to their dentist. This is why it is vital that you understand what constitutes a dental emergency, so you’ll know what to do if it happens to you. Let’s find out more.

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What Cases Require Emergency Dental Care?

You Experience a Loose Tooth

Children are prone to experience loose teeth but if you’re an adult and you experience wiggly teeth make no hesitation, call your Emergency Dentist Palm Beach Gardens right away. Adult teeth are designed to be strong and robust but if they feel loose, even if you think you are imagining it, make that call. When your teeth feel lose it could be a sign of tooth injury. It’s important that you seek immediate dental care as soon as possible. Loose teeth could be because of facial trauma, accident or infection. The best way to address this problem and to prevent your tooth from falling out is to see your dentist ASAP.

You Experience Severe Toothache

Another reason to call your Emergency Dentist Palm Beach Gardens is when you suffer from severe toothache. If it’s just a minor toothache you can relieve it by taking over-the-counter painkillers. However, even if you are able to suppress the pain it’s still important that you see a dentist to know the reason behind the pain. Appropriate treatment can only be given once your dentist comes up with a diagnosis.

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​Do You Have Your Emergency Dentist Palm Beach Gardens on Speed Dial?

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